Ship Used In Muse “Starlight” Video


Muse filmed the video for "Starlight" in the ocean off  Los Angeles on the deck of a Panamax bulk carrier named Ocean Chie. The video shows the band playing and shooting off flares, in an attempt to "get rescued," but in the end this fails and they are abandoned.  This relates to the song's lyrics, which mentions ships and abandonment.


Details on the boat for those who care….the Ocean Chie was built in Japan, is owned by a company in Singapore and cost around £50million to build.  It is registered in panama and is 50,000 tonnes deadweight and cost £24000 to hire for the day.  Matthew Bellamy stated in an interview with The Sunday Mail that "it was an epic feeling playing on a huge platform with the sea all around us."



  1. clee says:

    This video reminds me of U2's Gloria from the 80s. :-)

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