Dave Grohl Loves Crown Royal Whiskey

Lots of people each day search these keywords “Dave Grohl Crown Royal”. Why? We are not sure but we at feelnumb.com decided to give you what you have been looking for. A feelnumb.com exclusive photo of Dave Grohl holding a bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey backstage. (We know somebody that knows somebody that saw somebody) Here it is…


Crown Royal is obviously Dave’s drink of choice as it is included in the Foo Fighters backstage riders and there seems to be a hundred interviews where he somehow mentions Crown Royal Whiskey.

Foo Fighters Backstage Rider Catering Crown Royal Whiskey

“My thing these days is whisky. I’m a Crown Royal guy. It’s a Canadian blend which is pretty fucking sweet. It goes down great with a little bit of coke but just a couple of ice cubes is fine by me. It comes in a killer purple, felt bag. Pantera got me into it.” – Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters Crown Royal Whiskey

Here’s a cool photo of Grohl, Seasick Steve and a bottle of Crown Royal.

Dave Grohl Seasick Steve Crown Royal Whiskey Drinking

“My favourite drink this year was Crown Royal, which is a blended whisky from Canada. It’s smooth and tasty on ice, or as shots followed by an ice-cold beer. Definitely Crown Royal.” – Dave Grohl 2000

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