Bono Has “Short Man Complex” So He Wears Lifts

KISS wore platform shoes as part of their on-stage persona, U2’s Bono wears platform shoes because he has a bit of short man complex.

Bono Short Man Complex Shoes U2

Bono is reportedly about 5″6 (five foot six inches) before putting on his platforms. Check out some photos of Bono out and about wearing his lifts and big shoes to try to gain a few inches…




Recently, a designers “black book” of celebrity measurement hit the auction block.  It had Bono’s height listed at 5″7.

U2 Bono Height Shoes Lifts Platform

Most people that have met him still contend his height to be between 5″5 – 5″7 but at the end of the day Bono should just get over it “For He Is Bono!!!”

Bono’s platforms don’t compare to Prince, who actually wears high heel pumps.  Check it out..

Prince Actually Wears High Heel Pumps


  1. Moe says:

    it’s only a lift when you are trying to hide it. he’s clearly not trying to hide it. few celebrities are more self-effacing than Bono.

  2. Kevin Martin says:

    See Dom, he's a midget!

  3. el says:

    Self effacing? Bono? I'm speechless.

  4. noname says:

    Yea the American or well, the media, in general is just biased on who they scrutinize for example Pacquiao who was mentioned in the media for being 5’6 1/2
    Well bono is 5’6 right? Why don’t they fucking scrutinize him? Even with the boots??
    Unbelievable, sometimes you ought to be really cheeky to the media to get the right gripe and cover the right gripe

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