Paul McCartney’s “O.P.D.” Patch On The Cover Of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

On the cover of The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album Paul McCartney is wearing an patch on the left arm of his fictional blue Sgt. Pepper band uniform. The patch is more easily seen below in the gatefold picture of the album.

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Gatefold Sleeve OPD Patch Paul McCartney

Many “Paul Is Dead” enthusiasts claim that the letters on the patch are O.P.D. which means “Officially Pronounced Dead.” Giving yet another clue to the original Paul McCartney being dying in a car accident. Here’s a close up of the patch.


In the November 7, 1969, Life Magazine interview McCartney explained,

“It is all bloody stupid. I picked up that OPD badge in Canada. It was a police badge. Perhaps it means Ontario Police Department or something.”

The patch which is slightly bent in the photo actually reads O.P.P. not O.P.D. as the bottom of the “P” is not visible.   Here’s the patch…

Paul McCartney OPD OPP Patch Sgt. Pepper

O.P.P. stands for the Ontario Provincial Police.  The patch was apparently given to John Lennon the day after their August 17, 1966 concert in Toronto, Canada by a summer student working in the garage of the Police Headquarters as the group was being transferred to a police van for the trip to the airport.  It somehow made the trip back to London and onto McCartney’s Sgt. Pepper jacket.

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  1. gertjanslagmolen says:

    OPD wasalready linked as being Ontario Police Departement. It seems that one” Billy Canty worked there???. So provincal or dept. doesnt matter it was already known…..

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