Ozzy Osbourne Famous Bat Biting Incident Location


Ozzy Osbourne Bat Biting Incident 1982

On January 20, 1982 during a tour stop for Ozzy Osbourne’s “Diary of a Madman Tour”, Ozzy did indeed bite the head off a real Bat while performing here at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa.

Ozzy Osbourne 1982 Bat Head Biting Iowa


Rolling Stone magazine in 2004 ranked this incident number two on its list of “Rock’s Wildest Myths”.  Osbourne has revealed how he thought the bat was a toy,

“A fan threw it on stage and I thought it was a toy, it must have been stunned by the lights because it looked dead when I picked it up, I put it in my mouth as a joke.  It’s wings started flapping and I ripped it out of my mouth but its head came off!”.

He also said he feared he had caught rabies from the animal and had to be hospitalized,

“The worst part was the anti-rabies injections in my backside. They were so painful!”

While the Rolling Stone article stated the bat was alive, the person who threw it onto the stage said it was brought to the show dead.  Here’s a few shots of the scene of the crime at Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

Ozzy Osbourne Bit Biting Location Des Moines Iowa

Here’s a youtube clip of a VH1 documentary about the incident…

Here’s a photo of Ozzy backstage from January 1982 around the time of the infamous bat biting incident.

Ozzy Osbourne January 1982 Bat Biting Incident

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