Liam Gallagher’s John Lennon Sticker On His Gibson Guitar

From reader Mike….

“hey there, any idea what sticker is on display here: I mean I can see its a Lennon sticker but I haven’t been able to find a better picture or possibly a sticker of that type to buy anywhere. can u help me out?”


Here’s what we can gather about it so far….The photo of John Lennon is from the May 19th 1967 record release party at manager Brian Epstein house in his home at 24 Chappel Street, London.  The occasion was a promotional party attended by The Beatles to launch their new LP Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Here’s the photo…Don’t know where to find that exact sticker but with this photo it looks pretty easy to make.


This link has a bunch of photo’s from the party Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Release Party

Noel Gallagher Bought Brother Liam John Lennon’s Talisman “Dreamcatcher” Necklace


  1. Pattie Noah says:

    I have that sticker. I got it at a head shop here in Orlando, Fl about 2 years ago. Looking at the back of the sticker, it says:

    PS 8741C
    1999 Pyramid. Photograph used under licence.
    Independently published by Pyramid. Not commercially connected with the artist or any of their business organisations.
    Published by Pyramid, PO Box 958, Leicaster, England, LE4 92B Fax 0116 276-6996

    Good luck!

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