Kurt Cobain’s Mosrite Mark IV Gospel Guitar With The “Fuck Elvis” Case

One of rarest Kurt Cobain guitars a Mark IV-style Mosrite Gospel was sold at auction came in it’s original case bearing the words “NIRVANA” and FUCK ELVIS in white paint.  Here’s a photo of Kurt playing the guitar…


Even though the words “Nirvana” and “Fuck Elvis” are painted over the writing is still visible.



The guitar sold to a collector for $131,450.  Courtney Love attempted to claim ownership of the guitar before the auction but Kurt had sold the guitar before they were married.  Beside being Kurt Cobain’s guitar, the guitar itself was rare, according to Kurt’s tech, Earnie Bailey,

Kurt had only one Gospel, and this is a beyond rare guitar. At the time Kurt died, I was secretly working with Loretta Mosley to build Kurt a lefty Gospel in some cool color.”

Unfortunately, Kurt passed away as Earnie was gathering photos to send to Mosrite of Kurt’s original.

Kurt Cobain Mosrite Gospel Guitar Fuck Elvis

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  1. 101volts says:

    Where did the Mark IV thing come from, Unless there is official documentation in the letter that was addressed to the original owner of this guitar it's a Mark V style guitar.

  2. Pablo says:

    Come on…why does everyone give "Ernie" so much creedence?  To Kurt he was just a roadie or better yet somebody to go score him smack.

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