George Harrison Died At Paul McCartney’s House That He Bought From Courtney Love

When George Harrison passed away on November 29, 2001 the death certificate claimed the former member of The Beatles died at 1971 Coldwater Canyon Road in Beverly Hills.


The only problem: There is no 1971 Coldwater Canyon Road in Beverly Hills California. Civil rights attorney Gloria Allred,  filed a complaint that spurred an investigation into the seeking the correct location of his death:

“No one has the right to falsify public records. There is no celebrity exception in the law.”

Celebrity security expert Gavin de Becker, whose firm provided the erroneous address, called the probe “a big waste of money and time.” After the investigation, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office determined that the death actually occurred at 9536 Heather Road, Beverly Hills, California, a house owned by his former Beatle bandmate Paul McCartney.

George Harrison Death Location Paul McCartney House Heather Road Beverly Hills, California 2001


The death certificate was amended quietly with no fanfare.  Oddly enough, Courtney Love sold the house to McCartney in 2001.  Love put the home on the market at about the same time McCartney was in town looking for a new place. The four-bedroom, French-style home built in the late 1930’s closed for $3.995 million. (Love had bought the home from comedian Ellen DeGeneres in 1997 for about $3 million)

Paul McCartney Heather Road House George Harrison Death Beverly Hills

Before they admitted to Harrison passing away at McCartney’s house, de Becker tried to use an altered photo of the Harrison’s standing in front of his own house on Laurel Canyon Blvd but the photo was quickly debunked.  Click below to read that story.

The Beatles George Harrison Death Location Paul McCartney House Beverly Hills Heather Road

The Fake Photo Of George Harrison In Front Of The Fake House He Died In


  1. Georgie says:

    He once said a few years before he died,If you enjoy my guitar playing and find my words to be comforting then that would be saying a lot.

  2. alfina911 says:

    Was there ever an explanation as to how George ended up living in a house owned/leased by Paul? I mean with the ‘complicated’ relationship between those two since the Beatles broke up, one can’t help wondering.
    I KNOW that Paul would have done anything for George – he had proven that over the years. But I am ambivalent about George’s feelings about his relationship with Paul, although when someone knows he’s dying, he is likely to want to put all affairs in order. I just HOPE that George finally did put his ‘complicated’ feelings towards Paul behind him and reconcile – for good towards the end of his life.

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