The Ultimate Queen & Led Zeppelin Concert Photos

My two favorite bad ass, Rock N’ Roll photos…

Queen (Freddie Mercury)
July 11, 1986 Magic Tour, Wembley Stadium


Led Zeppelin
Richfield Coliseum Ohio January 24, 1975


So freakin’ bad ass!!!  Then this happens…

Q. How Can Queen & Led Zeppelin Both Suck???


  1. Alex from Spain says:

    Hey! I was looking for a better resolution of the Led Zeppelin pic in Inglewood… I think is marvellous and I want to make myself a t-shirt with it. Where did u get it? Have u got one with a better quality? Thanks in advance. I love your site!

  2. paulrach says:

    The picture of Freddie is from the 'Magic' tour not Live Aid. At Live Aid, Freddie wore jeans and a vest. (Check it out on YouTube)
    It's quite anal that I know that, but what the hell.

    1. raul says:

      You are right.  Thanks.  We went ahead and fixed it.

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