Metallica Made Fun Of Alice In Chains Layne Staley Drug Problem…Tools, Classless, Douchebags, Etc….

Alice In Chains were set to open up for Metallica during their 1994 Summer Shit tour.

Metallica Alice In Chains Summer Shit Tour 1994

Unfortunately, Alice In Chains had to back out of the tour because Layne Staley was in no shape to tour due to his ongoing drug problems.  So, James Hetfield thought it would be cool to make fun of Layne while the band played “Man In The Box” during the tour.

Here’s another one…

Really??? And we were supposed to feel sorry for Hetfield and his mullet when he had his own drug and alcohol problems years later???  In 2002, Hetfield must have felt bad for making fun of Layne because he penned a touching musical tribute to Layne for the album “Death Magnetic” but the song titled “Shine” did not make the final cut for the album.

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  1. says:

    First of all, you're an idiot. Second of all, the name of the tour wasn't Summer Sanitarium, it was called Sh*t Hits The Sheds Tour. They didn't use the title Summer Sanitarium until 2000 and thirdly Death Magnetic was released in 2008, not 2002. Metallica didn't even release an album in 2002. If you're going to rip someone, get your facts straight. You know, facts like how Layne Staley was a junkie who was asking to die.

    1. raul says:

      thanks for the info on the correct name of that metallica tour and thanks for the classy compliment.

    2. bj357 says:

      Hey you at the top! Go FUCK yourself asshole!!!

  2. bj357 says:

    James Hetfield is an IDIOT!!!

  3. jeanettestrangeballe says:


    "Was in no shape to tour due to his ongoing drug problems"?It is important to remember what actually happened. Layne chose to stay away 4 days before the tour starts. There stood the 3 others guys from AIC and could not find him. Rumors said that at that time it is where Layne had found out that, while he was in rehab, however, his fiancée Demri had herself prostitute in order to afford her drugs use. When Layne found out, they split up apart and he forgets all about his rehab and turn to drugs. If the story is true, it is very sad. However, it does not give James the right to do such a thing, but looking back there was no one really one the outside that know that Demri was doing drugs to.

    1. oogliebooglie00@yaho says:

      You need a grammar lesson

  4. realmcneil says:

    It would appear that English may simply not be her first language, as conjugation is her biggest problem. Not a huge offense. James was being quite ignorant. Addiction is a disease.

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