Days Inn Chicago 1991 – The Place Where Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love First Had Sex

The Days Inn Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois is nicknamed the “Rock & Roll Days Inn” for its musician clientele. Check out some of the bands and musicians that have stayed here are: Sean Lennon, Dave Matthews, KRS One, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Wilco, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana.

It is also the place where Stefanie Hrejsa, general manager of the hotel says Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love had sex for the first time and rumored to be the night their daughter Frances Bean Cobain was conceived.

Kurt Cobain Courtney Love Days Inn Chicago Nirvana Metro 1991

On October 12, 1991, Love boarded a plane in Los Angeles, flew to Chicago and spent her last $10 on a cab ride to the Metro, where Nirvana was performing.

Kurt Cobain Courtney Love Meet Chicago Metro Days Inn Sex October 12, 1991

Love caught the final 15 minutes of Nirvana’s set, which basically involved Cobain & Dave Grohl smashing the drum kit. Here’s a soundboard audio recording of the last song of the night “Endless, Nameless” with Cobain on drums and Grohl playing guitar.

After the show Love made her way to a backstage party, where she beelined it for Kurt whom she had met and mutually flirted with several times before.  Love & Cobain left the club together and walked along Lake Michigan, eventually ending up at the Days Inn (Room #307) where Love says they had sex for the first time.

Days Inn – Lincoln Park North, 644 W Diversey Pkwy


Years later, it was rumored that Love allegedly walked out of the hotel and said she couldn’t stay there because of the painful memories.

UPDATE:  An employee of the hotel contacted me and confirmed both the original story and the story of Love walking out of the hotel years later.  I did some research and vetted her comments and it seems to be to be genuine and legit.

“I actually worked at this hotel during that time and for about five years after. The story IS very true and they stayed with us off and on for a few weeks following that performance at the Metro, which Kurt was kind enough to invite all of the front desk staff to, including me. They stayed in room 307. A lesser known fact: Courtney came back about three months after he died with the rest of Hole and Francis Bean and requested to stay in the same room. It was too emotional for her. She came down a couple of hours later in tears. I took her and Francis (and their nanny) into our managers office until I could call around and find a different hotel for them while the rest of Hole remained. She was very kind and gracious, but very “unwell”, obviously.”

Kurt Cobain married Courtney Love married five months later on February 24, 1992 on a cliff overlooking Waikiki Beach on the island of O’aho in Hawaii.

Kurt Cobain Wedding Courtney Love Dave Grohl Hawaii February 24, 1992

Dave Grohl Was One Of Eight Guests At Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love’s Hawaiian Wedding


  1. axl_roses says:

    That is BS.Frances was born on August 18, 1992.This was October 12, 1991.Can people do math?

  2. says:

    I have great difficulty with that theory as I was at that performance… it was very, VERY sold out. It may be old age getting to me, but, I truly believe that was the most packed I’d ever seen Metro.

    I don’t believe that Courtney Love (or Steve Jobs, or even the Pope for that matter) would have been able to gain entry into the performance if they tried.

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