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Elvis Presley July 10, 1975 Kenpo Karate Sticker Gibson J200 Acoustic Guitar

Elvis Presley’s “Kenpo Karate” Stickers On His Gibson Ebony Dove & J200 Guitars

From November 5, 1971 through September 3, 1973 Elvis Presley performed in concert with this customized Gibson Dove acoustic guitar with an Ebony finish and Elvis Presley inlaid in script on the rosewood fret board. When Elvis began his tour on March 1, 1974 in Tulsa, Oklahoma he performed onstage for the first time with this Ebony 1968 Gibson J200 guitar with the same sticker.

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WTF??? Nirvana And The Smashing Pumpkins Playing “Crisco” Twister

You would never expect to see bands like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins making fools of themselves on stage by playing a game of Crisco Twister, would you??? Well, on September 23, 1991 the day before Nirvana would release “Nevermind”, Nirvana and The Pumpkins were booked to play Boston’s FM 101.7 WFNX Birthday Bash at Axis Nightclub.

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Johnny Depp Gave Noel Gallagher His White Rickenbacker 330 Guitar With The P Sticker (Update: Paul Weller Gave It To Him)

Johnny Depp has starred in a string of critically acclaimed blockbusters, but his personal career high was playing slide guitar on the song Fade In-Out Oasis album “Be Here Now.” Depp even gave Noel Gallagher a guitar during the recording session, which he often plays at concerts now.

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Haunted Pool Room The Rave/Eagles Club Ballroom Milwaukee Wisconsin

Haunted: The Rave/Eagles Ballroom In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This venue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is haunted. The building is divided into six separate venues, The Eagles Ballroom, The Rave Hall, The Eagles Hall, The Rave Bar, The Rave Viberoom, The Penthouse Lounge & The Eagles Club. In various rooms of the club, bands have heard a presence or seen an entity watching them play usually during rehearsal, or when not many people are around.

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The White Stripes Sue The United States Air Force Over “Fell In Love With Girl” Rip-Off

The White Stripes released this statement via in regards to US Air Force commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.  The Stripes obviously claim that they believe their song “Fell In Love With A Girl”  had been “re-recorded and used without permission”. The songs are just about identical.  Check it out… The musician who […]

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