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Jimi Hendrix Covered “Sgt. Pepper” Days After It’s Release In Front Of The Beatles

On June 4, 1967, Jimi Hendrix and the Experience played their last show in England, at London’s Saville Theatre, before heading off to America.  The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album had just been released on June 1 and The Beatles were in attendance.  Hendrix, who was already a great fan of the band, bought the album […]

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This is our 300th post here on…to celebrate and for no other particular reason, here is a rundown of other “300” milestones in music…. # 300 – Like a Prayer, Madonna (Rolling Stone Magazine Top 500 Songs) # 300 – Fear of a Black Planet, Public Enemy (Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums) 300 M.P.H. […]

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Eddie Vedder’s “Death Defying” Stage Dives

Eddie Vedder has made some of the best stage dives early in his career.  This dive Vedder took below was one of his best…it came during the song “Porch” with Pearl Jam at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands on June 8, 1992.   Here’s some more shots of Vedder in his younger days “defying death” […]

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Tom Morello Reveals He Was In The Movie “Iron Man”

After Tom Morello suggested that he was to work on the score for “Iron Man 2″ soundtrack, he also confirmed a rock star easter egg via his Twitter page. Yes that was Morello in “Iron Man” where he appeared as a terrorist character.  Here’s a still of Morello from the movie… Here he is with “Iron Man” director Jon […]

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The Eagles of Death Metal Jesse Hughes’ “The Pigeons of Shit Metal” Tattoo Inspired by Axl Rose

In the fall of 2006, The Eagles Of Death Metal led by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme had an opening support slot with Guns N’ Roses. During the first concert with Guns N’ Roses, in Cleveland, Ohio on November 24, 2006, the band was not well received by the crowd at all and when Axl Rose came out to perform, he asked the crowd if they enjoyed “The Pigeons of Shit Metal,”

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