Eddie Vedder’s “Death Defying” Stage Dives

Eddie Vedder has made some of the best stage dives early in his career.  This dive Vedder took below was one of his best…it came during the song “Porch” with Pearl Jam at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands on June 8, 1992.

pearl_jam_pink_pop_1992_vedder_eddie_stage_dive 1992_eddie_vedder_pinkpop_stage_dive_pearl_jam

Here’s some more shots of Vedder in his younger days “defying death”

eddie_vedder_pearl_jam_hanging_fron_rafter_stage_dive eddie_vedder_hanging_stage_diving_pearl_jam

Eddie Vedder Stage Dive Pearl Jam

Check out this dive during a Lollapalooza Tour stop in Miami, Florida on August 22, 1992.

Dive happens at at around 4:45…

Eddie Vedder’s Jumping Point In The Pearl Jam “Evenflow” Video

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