George Michael On Grindr…

Sydney fun …George Michael, as seen on the Grindr website…


The singer has been using the men-only dating website Grindr to meet buddies on a Down Under holiday.  At 10.16am on Monday (In March 2010), using the profile name “Back for Wood“, Michael used Grindr to send the message “Hi there” and the picture above of himself taken in a hotel room mirror to someone he liked the look of , who happened to be just 185m away, according to Grindr GPS.

He then asked if the man was at the Hyatt, presumably the Park Hyatt near The Rocks.  The man replied that he was at nearby Circular Quay and then asked: “How you going sexy?”  The man couldn’t believe it when the picture of George popped up on his phone. They exchanged a few messages but they haven’t met up yet.

Seems a bit funny that he would have to use Grindr but I guess it’s better than using public restrooms….

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