Kurt Cobain “Untitled Landscape” Painting

Kurt Cobain made this some-what vulgar airburshed painting crica 1982-1984 while at Aberdeen High School, Washington.


He signed and ‘COBAIN’ on the lower right with a felt tip pen.


It sold for £13,750 (approx $17,000 USD) at auction on November 21, 2009.  I think it is pretty obvious what the “landscape” is but give us your opinion.

Kurt Cobain’s Collage Used For The Back Cover Of Nirvana “In Utero”


  1. nirvanaqween says:

    Man this is great stuff! Kurt Cobain and NIRVANA has been my biggest obsession musically since 1992. I was lucky enough to see them in NOV 93 here in South Florida and still to this day just as much in love with the music as I am the man behind it. So happy you could dig up this gem somewhere. He is so much more than just the front man of NIRVANA and ALL of his art speaks volumes about his inner workings and personality!

  2. uphols says:

    it looks to me like a bottom. it could be cleavage, but they look similar to bums anyway really. it's got the gynecological body parts thing going on already…skin, blood, stains, and also it's like a Rorschach inkblot psych test. did he entitle it a landscape? there's a horizon line. he didn't like to clarify or pinpoint things though did he. 'let down your umbilical cord, so i can climb back in' describes this pretty well i think. a visceral landscape.

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