Them Crooked Vultures John Paul Jones Custom Manson Lap Steel Bass

During Them Crooked Vultures shows John Paul Jones pulls out this bad ass Lap Steel Bass Guitar when they play the song “No One Loves Me & Neither Do I“.

John Paul Jones Slide Bass Them Crooked Vultures

The instrument is called a Manson Lapaphone.  Its is an 8 string instrument (4 + 4x 1+ octave) with a Kaoss screen as an XY midi controller and there are no internal effects in the guitar.  It has a Fernades Sustainer single coil pickup and 3 octave range on the fretboard.

John Paul Jones Them Crooked Vultures Manson Lap Steel Guitar

John Paul Jones Manson Lap Steel Them Crooked Vultures

This one of a kind bass was custom made by Hugh Manson of Manson Guitars.  Manson is one of the UK’s most well-respected electric guitar makers and has also been John Paul Jones personal technician since the mid 1990s.  When asked specifically about the instrument Manson said,

“Yes I did make this instrument and in fact all that JPJ uses on the Vultures tour.  It is an 8 string Bass lap steel with a midi control screen on it which will control any thing with a “midi in”. This is similar to the guitars I make for Matt Bellamy (Muse).  It also has a sustainer pickup on it and a hipshot bridge tuning system that enables 3 different open tunings by moving levers.”

John Paul Jones Hugh Manson Manson Guitars Lap Steel Bass

Check out John Paul Jones using it live…

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