What Music Is In Noel Gallaghers Amoeba Records Shopping Bag?

Check out this cool video of from Amoeba’s Records after Noel Gallagher picked up some music there.  Don’t believe Noel, he is not the bass player from Coldplay.

He picked up a cool list of stuff…

Various Artists Achtung! German Grooves
T-RexThe Slider
CanAnthology 1968-1993

achtung!_german_grooves_noel_gallgher_oasis t.rex_the_slider_oasis_noel_gallagher can_anthology_noel_gallgher_oasis

Hawkwind Epoch-Eclipse: Ultimate Best of Hawkwind
David Axelrod – The Edge – David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970
David Axelrod – Songs of Innocence

 Hawkwind_Epoch_Eclipse: Ultimate_Best_of_Hawkwind_oasis The_Edge_David_Axelrod_Capitol_Records_1966-1970_noel_oasis david_axlerod_Songs_of_Innocence_noel_oasis

David AxelrodEarth Rot
Various Artists – Delirium of the Senses
Pink FloydA Collection of Great Dance Songs

 David_Axelrod_Earth_Rot_noel_gallagher Various_Artists_Delirium_of_the_Senses_oasis_noel pink_floyd_a_great_collection_of_dance_music_oasis


  1. jessie james says:

    Great to see 3 of David Axelrod's classics in his grouping!
    Love the picture of "Song Of Innocence" in his opening basket.
    Long live the musical genius of Axelrod and Gallagher.

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