Kurt Cobain’s Mugshot & Fingerprint Card After He Was Arrested In 1986

Kurt Cobain was arrested by Aberdeen Police Department in Washington on May 18, 1986.


Cobain was booked for trespassing after he was found on the roof of an abandoned building at 618 W. Market Street, Aberdeen Washington.  He was caught, according to the paper, after he “wandered onto the roof” of the building that now houses Juicy Tan and Westside Communications.

Kurt Cobain Arrest Aberdeen Washington 1986 Mugshot

Kurt Cobain Arrest 1986 Aberdeen Washington

His fingerprint card says the date of arrest was May 18, 1986 but I guess he was formally booked on May 25, 1986 as the mugshot photo shows.  The 19-year-old Cobain, was hit with other charges that included “failure to pay, malicious mischief and minor possession.”

Check out his official fingerprint sheet:


This misdemeanor was not the first time Kurt had been arrested.  He was arrested in Aberdeen a year earlier on a vandalism count.  Kurt claimed he wrote “God is Gay” on the side of a local Seafirst Bank Building (now Bank of America) in Aberdeen, Washington.  However, Aberdeen police records show that the phrase for which he was arrested was actually “Ain’t got no how watchamacallit”.

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  1. Dan says:

    What he wrote on the wall are lyrics to a Nirvana song.
    Tourettes "Ain’t got no how watchamacallit"

  2. Andy says:

    Kurt was arrested twice. Once for the spray painting, and once for wandering onto the roof intoxicated.

  3. uphols says:

    that is one bleak looking corner

  4. uphols says:

    what does '510' mean listed as his height on the form? he wasn't 5'10", nor 510cm…

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