Jack White’s Custom Gretsch Rancher Guitars, “Rita” “Claudette” & “Veronica”

Jack White has 3 custom Gretsch Rancher Acoustic Guitars that he named “Claudette,” Rita,” and “Veronica” because of their colors.  Each of them has a photo on the back of the person the guitar is named after.

Jack White Gretsch Rancher Guitar Claudette Rita Veronica

Here’s what Jack had to say when asked about his custom Gretsch Guitars….

Claudette Colbert is on the orange one I used in The Raconteurs and White Stripes. Rita Hayworth is on the white one you see me carrying around in the Great Northern Lights DVD. The white and gold one I use in The Dead Weather has Veronica Lake on the back. So I’ve got a brunette, a redhead, and a blonde—one for each band. An incredible tattoo artist in Cincinnati, Ohio, named Kore Flatmo did the work for me. I saw the portraits he had done tattooing, and I bought him a really nice wood-burning tool to burn those images into the backs of my guitars.”


A White & Red Gretsch Rancher Falcon Cutaway Acoustic Guitar (G6022CWFF) with the red pick guard that Jack named after actress Rita Hayworth. He uses it when with The White Stripes.

Jack White The White Stripes Guitar Rita Gretsch Acoustic Rancher

Jack White Gretsch Acoustic Rancher Guitar Rita Hayworth


A Orange & Black (Not Sure of the Model) Gretsch Rancher guitar that Jack named after actress Claudette Colbert.  He uses it when with The Raconteurs and he also used it in the movie “This Might Get Loud”.

Jack White The Raconteurs Gretsch Rancher Guitar Claudette Colbert

Jack White Claudette Colbert Gretsch Rancher Acoustic Guitar The Raconteurs

This one also has Jack White III on the back of the head stock.

Jack White Raconteurs Guitar Wood Burn


And finally, we have the White & Gold Gretsch Rancher Falcon Cutaway Acoustic Guitar (G6022CWFF) that Jack named after actress Veronica Lake.  He uses this one with The Dead Weather.  He doesn’t use it that often as he plays drums with The Dead Weather. but it has made several appearances on promo tours.

Jack White White and Gold Veronica Lake Gretsch Rancher Guitar

Jack White Veronica Lake Guitar Gretsch Rancher White Gold

Before these 2011 SXSW photos above a feelnumb.com reader  sent us the photo below of  “Veronica“…and said, she’s only been out once, and that’s for Old Mary, played during Sea of Cowards live at Third Man Records.

Jack White Veronica Guitar Dead Weather Gretsch Rancher

Thanks to feelnumb.com readers Kali DurgaNarayana for info and photos on the guitars.

Jack White’s 1950′s Kay Hollowbody Archtop “Paper Bag” Guitar


  1. Kali Durga says:

    Hey there–  A decent shot of Veronica showed up yesterday from the SxSW festival:  http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5216/5534160446_253b292390_z.jpg.  Looks like he used the exact same photo of Veronica Lake that you posted above.
    Original source is here:  http://littleroom.whitestripes.net/index.php?showtopic=68396&view=findpost&p=1998323

  2. egg866@yahoo.com says:

    pickguards and sides are different in the two pics of the "orange" one.

    1. raul says:

      thanks for the head-up we updated the photo.



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