Paul McCartney’s Naked Photo In The Beatles “White Album” Photo Collage

Within the collage of photos inside of The BeatlesWhite Album” there is a very small photo of Paul McCartney naked.

The Beatles White Album Paul McCartney Naked Photo

McCartney’s photo was taken in a bathroom and his private parts are carefully hidden behind a pole.  The photo stirred up a bit of controversy as his pubic hair is visible.

Paul McCartney Naked The Beatles White Album

Even though the photo did not actually show Paul’s penis, the photo was eventually censored in the United States.  They did not completely remove the image from the collage but they did try to remove McCartney’s pubic hair with a 1968 version of photoshop.  Here’s the censored version.

Paul McCartney Censored Photo The Beatles White Album Naked

The White Album does contain the song “Birthday” which was written and sung by Paul McCartney, so Paul was actually singing about his “Birthday Suit“.  Here’s a photo taken years later of Paul and Linda McCartney in the same bathroom of his home on Cavendish Avenue.

Paul McCartney Linda Bathrrom Cavendish The Beatles White Album Naked Photo

There was also a naked drawing of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the same collage that was censored as well.  Click below…

John Lennon’s Drawing Of Himself & Yoko Naked For The Beatles “White Album” Was Censored In The USA


  1. alfina911 says:

    TBH I am NOT too surprised for both facts – first: Paul agreed to this photo being included, however disguised; and second: that it got censored and/or ‘cleaned up’!
    Really, sounds just like The Beatles’ stunts to me.

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