Keith Moon “Not To Be Taken Away” On The Who Are You Album Cover Photo

The Who had a three-year hiatus after releasing the 1975 album “The Who By Numbers“, as the band had been drifting apart and Keith Moon sunk deeper into alcohol and drug abuse.  The Who released the album “Who Are You” on August 18, 1978 and it featured a photograph by Terry O’Neill of the band atop a stack of their own PA equipment at Shepperton Studios in Surrey, England.

Moon had only managed to come in during the last few weeks of recording and was so far gone that he was unable to play in 6/8 time on the track “Music Must Change.”  For the photo, Moon had insisted on sitting in a chair with the back to the camera so as to hide his distended stomach, the result of his alcoholism.  Ironically, the chair is labeled “NOT TO BE TAKEN AWAY.”  Moon died (TAKEN AWAY) three weeks after the albums release on September 7, 1978.

Keith Moon The Who Who Are You Not To Be Taken Away

Here’s an alternate photo from the session…

The Who Who Are You Album Cover Photo Session 1978

This photo is also from the same session.  Note:  Pete Townshend, Roger Daltery and John Entwistle are all wearing the same clothes but Moon is not wearing the “Jockey” outfit he used for the cover photo.

The Who Who Are You Album Cover Photo Session 1978

 Click below to get the details on Moon’s death…

Keith Moon Of The Who Died Here After Night Out With Paul McCartney


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