Noel Gallagher Bought Brother Liam John Lennon’s Talisman “Dreamcatcher” Necklace

Noel Gallagher February 12, 2007 – in an interview talking about the necklace he bought brother Liam.

“I bought him a few presents in the 90’s I bought him a thing from an auction which was an Indian necklace thing that John Lennon wore when he went to see the Maharishi its worth a fortune it was round the mans neck when he wrote Sexy Sadie, so I sent it to him for Christmas and next time I saw him he had it on.  He took it out the frame and the label saying worn by John Lennon. I said “what are you doing its fuckin memorabilia” and he said “John Lennon wore it I’m wearing it”.  He’s probably flushed it down the toilet by now I don’t know, haven’t seen it since.”


Liam Gallagher talking about the Talisman Dreamcatcher necklace his brother Noel bought for him…

“It came in a glass case, but I wanted to try it on. So one night I came in, tanked up and took a hammer to it. All these beads started falling off and rolling across the floor. I thought, ‘Fuckin’ hell, John Lennon’s beads! It’s back in a case now.”


The talisman necklace was aquired by John in early 1967.  The first time it appears around his neck is at the Sgt. Pepper launch party thrown at Brian Epstein’s Chapel Street townhouse in May, ’67.  From that point forward through to late 1968, Lennon is usually seen wearing the talisman, most notably seen wearing it as his only piece of “clothing” in the Two Virgins album cover images.  He gave it away to Alexis Mardas aka “Magic Alex,” head of Apple Electronics.  In 2004,  “Magic Alex” put up 15 Lennon items up for sale.

The original necklace was sold through Christie’s auction house in London in May, 2004, for £117,250.  According to Lennon, the talisman gave him tremendous good energy,”   The Beatles wrote 48 songs during their seven-week stay at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh, where they were introduced to austerity – living in simple rooms with bunk beds.

It looks like the necklace went up for auction again in 2009 but I might be wrong.  Anyone have pictures of Liam Gallagher wearing John Lennon’s necklace???



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