Scott Weiland Like Jimmy Page Wore An SS Nazi Hat On Stage

We did this story a few months back about Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page wearing an SS Nazi hat back in the day.  Here’s the link…

Flipping through photos we noticed that another rocker, Scott Weiland wore a SS Nazi hat on stage with Velvet Revolver.  Unlike Page it nearly got him arrested in Germany.

Scott Weiland STP Nazi Hat Germany

When German branch of the Sony BMG Music, learned that Weiland had been wearing a Nazi SS hat onstage, they sent a letter from the German office to the U.S. office read in part,

“We absolutely don’t want to interfere in how our artists dress (but) any kind of wearing/ presenting Nazi symbols in public is strictly forbidden by law in Germany and can lead to getting arrested!”


Weiland responded,

“The Nazi SS hat that I wear in fact symbolizes the loss of democracy and the shift to totalitarianism…one could make an argument that indeed the government of the U.S. is evolving into, or is already, a fascist police state, hiding under the guise of a republic.”

Weiland insisted that he is “in no way, shape, or form a Nazi”, yet he acquiesced and chose to not wear the hat when Velvet Revolver toured Germany.

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  1. says:

    Arrested for wearing a hat, eh?  I guess Germany hasn't changed much since the 1940's.

  2. Criss says:

    Germany has changed since the 1940s.

    By law you are forbidden to wear Nazi regalia.

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