Beck’s ’62 Danelectro Silvertone Guitar With Rush 2112 Sticker

Beck is a fan of country music and must be a fan of Rush.  He put a Rush 2112 sticker and a I ♥ Country Music on his ’62 Danelectro Silvertone guitar.

Beck Danelectro Rush 2112 Sticker

Close-up of Beck’s Rush sticker…


Here’s a different photo and a close-up of the Rush sticker and the  I ♥ Country Music sticker…

Beck Rush 2112 Danelectro Guitar Sticker


Sadly, recent photos show that Beck has put black tape over both stickers.  WTF Beck?  Keep it real and uncover the stickers!!!

Beck Danelectro Guitar Black Sticker Rush 2112

Thom Yorke covered up a few stickers on his guitar as well.

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Had Apple Stickers On His Guitars Long Before Apple Music

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