The Last Published Photos of Layne Staley Alive

These are the last know published photos of Layne Staley alive.

Layne Staley Alice In Chains 1997 Grammy Awards Last Photo

The photos were taken on February 26, 1997, when he and the other members of Alice in Chains attended the Grammy Awards.

Alice In Chains 1997 Grammy Awards Layne Staley Last Appearance

Staley became more reclusive after this appearance, barely leaving his Seattle condo from 1997 until his body was found on April 19, 2002.  Staley’s mother owns the last photo of Staley, taken on February 14, 2002, which features him holding his new-born nephew, Oscar.  That photo has never been published.

UPDATE: On October 31, 1998, Staley attended a Jerry Cantrell solo show. He declined Cantrell’s request to sing with him on stage but a photo was taken of Layne backstage.  This photo claims to be the last photo of Layne that has been publicly released  (Layne is in the center)…

Layne Staley Last Photo 1998 Jerry Cantrell Solo Show Halloween

UPDATE 2: Another photo of Staley from a few months earlier in 1998 has recently surfaced.  This one is from Alice In Chains’ last recording session together in Los Angeles in the late summer of 1998.  AIC had gotten together to record two new tracks for their Music Bank box set, “Get Born Again” and “Died“.

Layne Staley Last Photo Alice In Chains 1998

Staley’s birthday was August 22, so the photo was taken on or around that day.

Layne Staley of Alice In Chains Died Here…


  1. A says:

    God bless the dead.
    Thanks so much for this; I've been searching for these photos for a long time.

  2. rbrtbalogh says:

    Ive seen one other pic of him from around this time (1997) – cant imagine how bad he mustve looked near the end – a tragic story really – he was brilliant but couldnt ever defeat his demons

    1. damncoldnight10@aim. says:

      How was Staley brilliant?  His only talent was he could sing, there is no brilliance needed for that.  If he was so smart, he wouldn't have been shooting heroin, coke, smoking crack, inhaling paint fumes, and who knows what else.  It is sad that he chose to throw his life away.

      1. Anonymous says:

        what's your talent, dick?

      2. says:


  3. chabader says:

    hey irreverent, clueless dipshit, If real rock singing requires no talent, then everyone would be a rock star because a rock star is only like the MOST f*** envied gig on known to man.
    Layne was one of the best rock singers of all time; his hypnotizing rasp was, and still is unprecedented.
    Bonus rip: that fair-weathered loser, phony singer-sidekick reject, one Jerrold C. fantasizes like a spoiled, daydreaming child of just for one second sounding anything like Layne.
    You were right, Layne…f*** them ALL.
    Your vibe and pain live with me bro.

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