Ivor Arbiter: The Man That Unwittingly Designed The Beatles Famous “Drop T” Logo

In May of 1963, Ivor Arbiter owner of the London music store Drum CIty unwittingly designed the simple yet iconic The Beatles “drop-T” logo.

The Beatles Ivor Arbiter Drop T Logo Drum City

Here’s what Arbiter looked like shortly before his death in 2005…


Of The Beatles Arbiter said,

“I had a phone call from the shop to say that someone called Brian Epstein was there with a drummer.  Here was this drummer, Ringo, Schmingo, whatever his name was.  At that time I certainly hadn’t heard of The Beatles.  Every band was going to be big in those days!

Epstein requested that the band’s name appear on the bass drum so Arbiter sketched the “drop-T” logo on a scrap of paper with the capital B and dropped T to emphasize the word ‘beat’.  Drum City was paid £5 for the design and it was hand painted by local sign writer, Eddie Stokes, who painted bass-drum heads for the store during his lunch hour.

Here’s a photo of Ringo playing the original hand painted drumhead that was delivered to him on May 12, 1963 …

The rest is history…

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