George Harrison’s Fender Rosewood Telecaster “Rooftop Concert” Guitar Was Bought By Ed Begley Jr.

George Harrison’s 1968 “Rosewood” Fender Telecaster guitar (Serial #235594) that was used in the ‘Let It Be” movie and for The Beatles final live roof-top performance was bought in 2003 at an auction by actor Ed Begley, Jr.  The guitar was also used for the “Abbey Road” album as well as the Cream song “‘Badge.”

George Harrison The Beatles 1968 Rosewood Telecaster Guitar


Begley Jr., bidding on behalf of Olivia Harrison, bought it for more than $470,000, including taxes and premiums.

George Harrison Ed Begley Jr. 1968 Fender Rosewood Telecaster

Harrison’s Fender Rosewood Telecaster was custom made for him by Fender.  On December 1, 1969, Harrison attended a performance by Delaney & Bonnie at London’s Royal Albert Hall.  Eric Clapton was on the bill that night and following the show asked Harrison if he would join the group for a few shows throughout Britain and Denmark. The next day, Harrison joined the tour and presented Delaney Bramlett with the guitar.  Harrison told Delaney, 

“This is for what you did for me last night.”

Here’s an amazing photo of Delaney playing his gifted “Rosewood Telecaster” on stage with Harrison in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Delaney & Bonnie George Harrison Rosewood Fender Telecaster The Beatles Rooftop Concert

In 1998, Delaney put it up for auction but withdrew it after his asking price of $200,000 was not met.  In 2003, he again put it up for auction insisting that Harrison had recommended he sell it before somebody killed him for it and that is how the guitar made it’s way back to the Harrison Estate.  Here is a 2012 photo of Dhani Harrison in Guitar Aficionado Magazine holding what he says is his favorite of all his father’s guitars.

Dhani Harrison George 1968 Fender Rosewood Telecaster Guitar Let It Be

The question remains… Why Olivia Harrison chose Ed Begley Jr. to bid for her???

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