Layne Staley’s Tattoo Was Inspired By “Man In The Box” Lyric & Video

The tattoo Layne Staley had on his back was inspired from a lyric in the Alice in Chains song he wrote Man in the Box.

“Feed my eyes, Can you sew them shut?”

Close-up you can see it’s a tattoo of a hooded figure with his eyes sewn shut…

Layne Staley Alice in Chains Man in the Box Eyes Sewn Shut Tattoo

Layne’s tattoo was not only inspired by his lyric but it was also inspired by the “Man in The Box” music video that features this hooded man with his eyes sewn shut.

Layne Staley Back Tattoo Man in the Box Video Eyes Sewn Shut

I’m sure it’s been a long time since you saw the “Man in the Box” music video.  Check out the video.

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