John Frusciante’s Arm Scars

Many people incorrectly have assumed that the scars on John Frusciante’s arms are burns he sustained in a house fire in 1996.  While these scars resemble burns, it is actually a build up of scar tissue from shooting up drugs with needles.  Frusciante said,

“It is more from coke than from heroin…coke you’re shooting every five minutes. That is what did it to me”

Frusciante who had a long battle with drugs after leaving the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1992, wore long sleeves for a long time to cover up the scars but eventually went back to wearing T-shirts or no shirt at all on stage.

John Frusciante Arm Scars Red Hot Chili Peppers

His addiction also caused serious gum and jaw infections which led to him having all of his teeth removed and replaced with dental implants, along with reconstructive surgery to his jawline.

Here’s some photos of a young John Frusciante before the cocaine scars…

John Frusciante Red Hot Chili Peppers Young Blonde Tattoo Drugs Arm Scars

John Frusciante Young Arm Scars Red Hot Chili Peppers Tattoos

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  1. ghostwriter says:

    looks like his nose got broken once or twice too. Check out the difference between the younger photos and the more recent ones. Hard to believe he clawed his way back after being so close to death. What a talented cat. I saw RHCP on New Year's Eve 1990 in San Franciso; what a great show. Frusciante brought the house down. Great, great guitar player.

  2. Cleo says:

    How do we know that the chili peppers didn't just switch out a guitarist?

  3. naro says:

    Cuando vi los videos de sus inicios con los RHCP les juro que no lo reconoci crei que era otra persona, era un joven muy guapo – rayos que le paso? dije- malditas drogas.

    Sin duda su rostro es otro tiene la boca algo hundida ahora, y su menton es diferente, no me explico que le sucedio a su nariz luce desviada y algo ancha, tenia una nariz perfecta.

    Su recuperacion fue un milagro, gracias John, siguio haaciendo genial musica con los RHCP

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