Billy Corgan’s Ex-Wife Chris Fabian

In 1993, Billy Corgan married his long-time on-again, off-again girlfriend Christine “Chris” Fabian, a museum artist.  They were married at a small ceremony at his house in in Chicago.  The Smashing Pumpkins songs “Soma” and “Muzzle” are dedicated to her.  There aren’t many photos of Chris Fabian floating around but we did find this one of her and Billy in happier times.


This is not Chris Fabian as previously stated.  The woman in this photo is Fiona Horne, an Australian singer, rock musician, radio and television personality, actress and author and friend of Billy Corgan.

Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins Ex Wife Chris Fabian Christine Fabian

Here’s a recent photo of Horne, who let us know in the comments section below that she is the woman in the photo with Billy but states that she did not have a sexual relationship with Corgan.

Billy and I have never had sex. That’s ridiculous. We met on the big day out tour back in 1994 and we have been friends since”

Billy Corgan Wife

As for Corgan and Fabian, they separated sometime during the summer of 1996, and divorced in 1997.  Corgan for a long time would not discuss his marriage and divorce saying,

“There is not and will not be any public record on my marriage – that’s one thing I have to draw lines around.”

But in 2005, he described some of the circumstances of his marriage in his online Confessions.  In the confessions, Billy states that he was hurt that Chris did not take his last name after their marriage.

While they were married, he described her as

“The best friend you could have for the last ten years.”

After she filed for divorce he said,

“She didn’t even like my first album, the bitch.”

We are still on the lookout for a photo of the mysterious Chris Fabian

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  1. stacy says:

    Sorry, that's not Chris. It's an Australian singer, Fiona Horne, whose band toured with Smashing Pumpkins. Also, she was supposely one of Billy's many extra-marital affairs which led to his divorce,

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