The Last Photos Of Jimi Hendrix Alive

This photo of Jimi Hendrix was taken the day before he died by his girlfriend Monika Danneman, behind her apartment in London on September 17, 1970.  

Danneman took a series of photos of him in the garden behind the apartment he was staying at. Here are a few of those photos.

Jimi Hendrix Last Photos September 17, 1970 Death

Jimi Hendrix Last Photos

Jimi Hednrix Last Photos

Hendrix would die the next day on September 18,1970, in the apartment that is only a few steps away from where these photos were taken.  The garden where the photos were taken is circled below.

Jimi Hendrix Samarkand Hotel, 22 Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill.

Click the link  to see the series of photos…Jimi Hendrix Last Photos September 17, 1970

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  1. AlfinaHawaii says:

    This photo is looking like he had a chilly look in his eyes. And the lighting – almost chiaroscura-like effect on his face, that makes me feel like he was a dead man walking, even had I not known that it was taken a day before he died.

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