Eddie Vedder & Pearl Jam’s Stage Bat Wings Were A Gift From The Frogs

Eddie Vedder has kept these “Bat Wings” on his amp since they were given to him in by Dennis Flemion of The Frogs.

eddie vedder the frogs pearl jam bat wings

I am pretty sure Vedder acquired the bat wings after he came down from the rafters in this performance with The Frogs

pearl jam bat wings the frogs eddie vedder

Here’s a photo of Flemion The Frogs rocking the wings on stage…

eddie vedder pearl jam bat wings

Vedder and Pearl Jam have quite an admiration for The Frogs.  In 1995, Pearl Jam included The Frogs cover of “Rearviewmirror” as the B-Side to the “Immortality” single.  Also, according to Vedder the lyrics to “Smile” from the No Code album was taken directly from a note that Dennis hid inside his notebook when he was on stage performing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

pearl jam bat wings the frogs


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very odd that Eddie Veder is IN Wisconsin, for the reunion, and the FROGS aren't invited or playing with him? What's the story on that?

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