Radiohead “Pablo Honey” Album Title Came From A Jerky Boys Skit

Why did Radiohead name their debut album “Pablo Honey“?

Pablo Honey Jerky Boys Radiohead

Who would ever think that Radiohead would be inspired by The Jerky Boys 2 album???

The Jerky Boys Pablo Honey Radiohead

But that is exactly where the album name came from.  Believe it or not, the title “Pablo Honey” came form a prank call skit in which the Jerky Boys ask,

“Pablo, honey? Please come to Florida!”

Check it out…

Jonny Greenwood got a bootlegged tape of The Jerky Boys in the early ’90s and he and the band listened to it non-stop.  They even sampled a snippet in the song “How Do You?”

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Radiohead Was Named After A Talking Heads Song “Radio Head”

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