Rod Stewart “Do You Think I’m Sexy” Feminine Photos

First we had Robert Plant’s fem photos, then we followed that up with David Lee Roth’s fem photos and now we have have Rod Stewart posing the question “Do You Think I’m Sexy?

Rod Stewart Do You Think I'm Sexy Speedo Swimsuit Photo

Check out this photo with then girlfriend actress Britt Eckland.  Rod sports a leotard and knee high socks…

Rod Stewart Knee High Socks Leotard Britt Ekland

Rod has always had a bevy of beautiful women with Ekland included.  Here’s some great photos of Rod with Britt showing off his man bikini and showing some pubes…

Rod Stewart Brit Ekland Speedos Swimsuit Pubic Hair Sexy Photos

What is more sexy then a man wearing a scarf and a sting bikini speedo???

Rod Stewart Speedos Feminine Pictures Photos

And finally this sexy one with a belly chain…

Rod Stewart Belly Chain Gay Sexy Photo

Rock Stars Wearing The “Rock Star Blouse”

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