18 Year Old Pete Doherty Waiting In Line For The Release Of Oasis “Be Here Now” Album

Here’s eighteen-year old Pete Doherty in an interview with MTV, on the day of the release of the Oasis album “Be Here Now” album August 21, 1997.

Be Here Now Oasis Release MTV Pete Doherty

Pete has some funny moments in the interview and sums Oasis up in one word “Trousers”, check it out…

Coincidentally, Pete and Liam Gallagher would both end up fathering a child with the same woman Lisa Moorish.

Liam Gallagher Lisa Moorsish Molly Gallagher Pete Doherty

Although not together, Moorish gave birth to Liam’s daughter Molly in March of 1998.

Liam Gallagher Daughter Molly Oasis Moorish

Lisa Moorish Liam Gallagher Daughter Molly Pete Doherty

Five years later, Moorish gave birth to Doherty’s son Astile Louis Doherty on London, 12 July 2003.

Pete Doherty Son Lisa Moorish Liam Gallagher Oasis

So Liam and Pete’s kids are siblings…

Lisa Moorish Liam Gallagher Pete Doherty Kids

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  1. ok so.... says:

    ok so I used to love Oasis, but I won't be listening to any of it, anymore, after finding out about all this… Lisa Moorish is a groupie following these guys i bet untill she could get their seed inside of her…I find it funny how, Pete is Liam's biggest fan/ idol, and even needed to sleep with this same groupie bitch, just to be like/feel Liam, but Liam can't stand the guy, and she just accidently got pregnant by both of them…I mean, was she following them around online, just to find out when they were both at their lowest in order to get their seed inside of her? I mean this Lisa, had an album "back to my roots' or something like that, this doesn't seem like back to her roots, if shoe was going back to er roots, maybe she should try and have a baby with a black man, maybe then things might work out better for her…..then she's got a tacky song on Youtube where she sings "White boy, brown girl" and the whole time it's like she's stealing Liam's musical style/singing.but in a cheesy/untasteful/unsuccessfull way.meaning, it doesn't sound anything like when liam sings…This makes me feel bad for her daughter, who'll end up also very self concious,and quite possibly in the future, a desperate slave for white men, as her mom seems to be.. although there's all this drama, she tries to be a model parent….I dunno saying things over Twitter about Liam neding to be in his daughter's life, it seems more like she's maybe trying or hoping for another baby. For people who say Liam isn't in his daghter's life, well he CLEARLY IS in her life! Look at the pictures here where he's kissing her…..he just doesn't wan't his daughter's "momma drama" all over again and he's smart not to..that was at least the only good move he made, I mean I can't even believe he would go for this woman at all, ever! he must have been really loaded when she took advantage of him….He looks waaay better and could've gotten waaay better…that batch of drugs he did must of been real bad.. lol…

    1. Anonymous says:

      His daughter happens to be one of my best friends actually, and she is one of the nicest girls I know. Sure, like any teenager she's self conciouss but she's absoloutley fine, apart from the fact that she is crying a lot of the time due to her Dad being horrible or some asshole writing about her on the net like you. Astile is so funny and Lisa is so nice. I don't know how you could write such disgusting things.

  2. Dani says:

    Ok, what the hell every time the woman is the guilty one? Liam is not a fucking damn angel boy! He knows what CONDOM is and what happens when you don’t use it. Drugs, alcohol, whatever. Lisa did not have sex with him because she raped him and he was an innocent and pure lady boy. He want to AND HE DID IT TO. So stop talking bad of her when you don’t even know her. That girl he’s kissing is her niece Rachel Appleton, not Molly. When a girl asked him in a interview if he had 3 kids he just said ‘two’ and in that time Gene had already born, so he just talked about Lennon and Gene. He seems to love a lot his kids,claiming himself a top dad, but I don’t really know why he rejects Molly and I feel absolutely bad for her, even if I don’t know her. He decided to be away from her life ’cause it’s EASIER FOR HIM, not ’cause is BETTER FOR HER. God bless you, Molly and I hope you’ll become a great person.

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