Guigsy’s Classic Letter Declining Participation In The Oasis “Definitely Maybe” DVD

Paul McGuigan is better known by his nickname, “Guigsy”. He was one of the four founding members and original bassist of Oasis.  There are few recorded interviews with him leading Noel Gallagher to once say,

“I think he’s spoken to me, and this is no word of a lie, since I was 17—thirteen years—for a total of about an hour.  All he says is sweet and alright. That’s all.”

Guigsy” quietly quit Oasis in 1999 via fax and has since avoided all calls from his former band mates.

Oasis Guigsy Noel Gallagher Letter Definitely Maybe

In Spetember 2004, Oasis released a DVD to mark the 10th Anniversary of the release of “Definitely Maybe“.  They asked “Guigsy” to participate in the commentary.  Instead “Guigsy” sent this classic letter that the band added to the DVD as a hidden bonus if you push the up button during the song “Married With Children.”

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guigsy letter oasis definitely maybe dvd paul mcGuigan Bass

Classic “Guigsy.”  Noel eventually gave up trying to contact him by phone and claims to bear no malice towards “Guigsy.”

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