Best Portrayal Of A Musician: Val Kilmer As Jim Morrison Or Gary Busey As Buddy Holly?

In my opinion these are the two best performances by an Actor portraying a Musician.  They both make you forget that they were actually acting and that they actually were not Jim Morrison or Buddy Holly.  They did an amazing job looking and and acting like the person they were portraying.  Let us know who you think did a better job…

Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison – The Doors (1991)

Val Kilmer As Jim Morrison The Doors Acting

Kilmer spent six months rehearsing Doors songs every day and his singing voice sounded so much like Morrison’s that The Doors themselves could not tell if it was Kilmer’s or Morrison’s voice.

Gary Busey as Buddy Holly – The Buddy Holly Story (1978)

Gary Busey Buddy Holly The Buddy Holly Story Acting

Busey also sang and recorded the soundtrack music for the film live although his guitar was overdubbed by a session musician.

BTW…We think Jennifer Lopez did a great job portraying Selena as well.  Val or Gary???  Vote Now!!!

Layne Staley & Gary Busey


  1. jayceeporter@gmail.c says:

    Definitely Val Kilmer. He was very good at the singing

  2. Erik says:

    I think you forgot Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash

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