Fact: Kurt Cobain Was Actually Right-Handed

Quick fact:  Kurt Cobain famously played the guitar left-handed but he was in fact actually right-handed.

Kurt Cobain RIght Handed

Check out these photos of Kurt writing and signing autographs with his right hand…

Nirvana Kurt Cobain Right-Handed Nirvana

Kurt Cobain Right-Handed Signing Autograph

Kurt Cobain Right Handed Autograph

A few people have written us and told us that Kurt was ambidextrous when it came to writing but I have not found any photos of Kurt writing or signing left-handed to prove it.  Here are some more right-handed autographs…

Kurt Cobain Wrote Right Handed

Kurt Cobain Autograph Right Handed

Kurt Cobain Right-Handed Nirvana Autograph

Kurt Cobain Autograph Right Handed Dave Grohl Nirvana Nevermind

Here’s one of Kurt from his High School days…

Kurt Cobain High School RIght Handed

Jimi Hendrix also played guitar left-handed but wrote right-handed.  Click below…

Jimi Hendrix “Mr. Nice Guy” Super Cool Autograph Inscriptions


  1. Kurt was a righty who played left Kurt played this way because of his hero Greg Sage was also a righty who played left.

  2. lisa_wildlife@yahoo. says:

    kurt cobain was not exactly right handed I heard he learned later how to write right handed also but USUALLY wrote left handed. I specifically read him saying he was left handed

  3. Andrew Hofschulte says:

    I believe he was ambidextrous to an extent if I remember. One hand was better drawing and one was better writing, can’t remember which was which tho, but he did sign autographs with both hands.

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