Fact: All 6 Kings Of Leon Album Titles Contain Five Syllables

All the titles of the six albums by Kings Of Leon contain 5 syllables….Coincidence???

Youth And Young Man-hood

Kings Of Leon Five Syllable Album Titles

A-ha Shake Heart-break

Kings Of Leon Aha Shake Heartbreak 5 Syllable Album Title

Be-cause Of The Times

Kings Of Leon 5 syllable Album Titles

On-ly By The Night

Kings Of Leon 5 Syllable Album Titles

Come A-round Sun-down

Kings Of Leon 5 Syllable Album Titles

After the first 2 albums came out they specifically started looking for 5 syllable titles.  Caleb Followill said about the title to the 4rd album,

“That was actually the toughest part of this album. I mean, we had the music and we knew it was good. Or at least to us. Every day we’d go in there and record and it would come out great, to us, but we would still have our head down. Like, ‘What the fuck are we going to call the record?’ Because we had all these great titles, but none of them were five syllables.”

feelnumb.com reader, Jamy Romero noticed another 5 syllable coincidence in regards to Kings Of Leon.  Although the band name is only 4 syllables, the band members names are all 5 syllables, Caleb FollowillJared FollowillNathan Followill and Matthew Followill.

UPDATE: On June 8, 2013, Kings Of Leon announced the name of the 6th studio album and another 5 syllable title “Mechanical Bull“.

Me-chan-i-cal Bull

Kings Of Leon Mechanical Bull 5 Syllables Five

The syllables have stayed the same but the Kings Of Leon look has vastly changed over the years.  Check it out below…

Kings Of Leon’s “Reverse Beatles” Extreme Makeover Through The Years


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