Nirvana MTV Live & Loud Hosts Anthony Kiedis And Flea Dress Up In Drag For The Occasion

On Decemeber 13, 1993 Nirvana rehearsed and taped their MTV Live & Loud concert performance at Pier 48 in Seattle, Washington.  The concert aired on MTV for their 1993 New Year’s Eve special and the hosts were Anthony Kiedis and Flea who decided to dress in drag for the special occasion.

Nirvana Red Hot Chili Peppers Dave Grohl Anthony Kiedis Flea Krist Novoselic

There was all kinds of Grunge Era debauchery to be had.  Check out Flea with Krist Novolselic and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains.

Jerry Cantrell Flea In Drag Krist Novoselic Nirvana MTV Live & Loud

The Cantrell fondles Flea’s breasts…

MTV Live and Loud Flea In Drag Jerry Cantrell Krist Novoselic

Anthony givies us an up-skirt next to a very intoxicated Dave Grohl

Anthony Kiedis MTV In Drag Krist Novoselic Dave Grohl 1993

Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard even joined in on the tranny fun but sadly Gossard’s “Grungy Farmer” regular outfit might actually be worse then Kiedis.

Anthony Kiedis In Drag MTV Live & Loud Nirvana Stone Gossard

Stone Gossard Anthony Kiedis Pearl Jam Red Hot Chili Peppers Cross Dressing

Check out the video of Anthony & Flea hosting the show…

I don’t know what else to say besides, where the fuck was Kurt Cobain???

Nirvana Red Hot Chili Peppers Anthony Kiedis Dave Grohl Flea In Drag MTV Live And Loud

Nirvana Really Really Loved RuPaul


  1. mike says:

    Kiedis and flea are sexy as Hell

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