Anthony Kiedis & Dave Grohl “Bromance” Photos

When he was the drummer in Nirvana, Dave Grohl along with bandmate Krist Novoselic took this raunchy photo with a cross-dressed Anthony Kiedis backstage at Nirvana MTV Live & Loud concert. 

Anthony Kiedis MTV In Drag Krist Novoselic Dave Grohl 1993

Years later as the lead singer and guitarist for Foo FightersGrohl & Kiedis rekindled their “BROMANCE” for these cute photos.

Dave Grohl Anthony Kiedis Foo Fighters Red Hot Chili Peppers Close Photos

Dave Grohl Anthony Kiedis Photos Together Red Hot Chili Peppers Foo Fighters

The photos of Dave & Anthony look like a really bad prom photos.  How about a nipple twist???

Anthony Kiedis Dave Grohl Nirvana Red Hot Chili Peppers Hugging

Click below for part one…

Nirvana MTV Live & Loud Hosts Anthony Kiedis And Flea Dress Up In Drag For The Occasion


  1. Anne says:

    Anthony Kiedis – Wants to be Iggy Pop so badly – Emulated him for years with the shirtless performer look on stage.  Sir, you are no Iggy Pop

  2. Josh says:

    No Anne your wrong, is keidis is Anthony kiedis. He is trying to be someone else, he is somebody that people aspire to and want to be like. I'm afraid you are very wrong, I'm pretty sure he doesn't even listen to iggy pop so why would he be trying to copy him. Idiot.

  3. eatmechielowww@yahoo says:

    i love them both :) so badddd <3

  4. says:

    @Josh this really wasn't difficult to find…

    Who was your first inspiration?

    Anthony Kiedis: It wasn’t one single person. Iggy Pop, David Bowie. I saw a Bowie concert in the early ’70s that was absolutely magical. I never wanted to be like him but I was in love with what he was doing. I actually didn’t feel like making music until the early ’80s when I started listening to some hardcore funk records that were coming out by bands like Defunkt and Grandmaster Mash And The Furious Five. That’s when it dawned on me that I might be able to do that – particularly when I heard Grandmaster Flash.

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