Story Behind Paul McCartney’s Chipped Tooth In The Beatles “Rain” Video

Paul McCartney split his lip and chipped his tooth on Sunday, December 26, 1965 at around 10:00 PM when he fell face first off a moped in Liverpool.  Paul appears in the The BeatlesRain” video with his front tooth missing.  Weird thing is that the video was filmed almost six months after the moped accident on May 20, 1966.  That should have been plenty of time to get it fixed…

Paul McCartney The Beatles Chipped Tooth Accident

When asked about Paul’s missing tooth, manager Brian Epstein was quoted as saying…

“Last mid-December, Paul injured his lip and chipped his tooth in the moped accident. He honestly thought no one would notice the chip, for it is so small. I told him three times he should do something about it. It is in a place where there are no nerve ends, so there is no pain. Paul assured me that he would have the tooth capped, but – unfortunately – he has not done so. Could he be afraid of the dentist? It is my opinion that he will just let it be.”

Here are some photos of Paul’s split lip…

Paul McCartney Scar Chipped Tooth The Beatles Rain Video

During the black & white part of the video filmed the day before on May 19, 1966 Paul looks like he has a a bad cap in place.

Paul McCartney Chipped Tooth The Beatles Accident Moped

Here’s The BeatlesRain” video featuring Paul McCartney’s chipped tooth…

Here’s what Paul had to say about the accident in The Beatles Anthology Book

“I had an accident when I came off a moped in Wirral, near Liverpool. I had a very good friend who lived in London called Tara Browne, a Guinness heir – a nice Irish guy, very sensitive bloke. I’d see him from time to time, and enjoyed being around him. He came up to visit me in Liverpool once when I was there seeing my dad and brother. I had a couple of mopeds on hire, so we hit upon the bright idea of going to my cousin Bett’s house.

We were riding along on the mopeds. I was showing Tara the scenery. He was behind me, and it was an incredible full moon; it really was huge. I said something about the moon and he said ‘yeah’, and I suddenly had a freeze-frame image of myself at that angle to the ground when it’s too late to pull back up again: I was still looking at the moon and then I looked at the ground, and it seemed to take a few minutes to think, ‘Ah, too bad – I’m going to smack that pavement with my face!’ Bang!

There I was, chipped tooth and all. it came through my lip and split it. But I got up and we went along to my cousin’s house. When I said, ‘Don’t worry, Bett, but I’ve had a bit of an accident,’ she thought I was joking. She creased up laughing at first, but then she went ‘Holy…!’ I’d really given my face a good old smack; it looked like I’d been in the ring with Tyson for a few rounds. So she rang a friend of hers who was a doctor.

He came round on the spot, took a needle out and, after great difficulty threading it, put it in the first half of the wound. He was shaking a bit, but got it all the way through, and then he said, ”Oh, the thread’s just come out – I’ll have to do it again!’ No anaesthetic. I was standing there while he rethreaded it and pulled it through again.

In fact that was why I started to grow a moustache. It was pretty embarrassing, because around that time you knew your pictures would get winged off to teeny-boppery magazines like 16, and it was pretty difficult to have a new picture taken with a big fat lip. So I started to grow a moustache – a sort of Sancho Panza – mainly to cover where my lip had been sewn.”

To this day McCartney still has some “bad teeth” days as seen by this photo.

Paul McCartney Chipped Tooth Accident Dentures

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    wow,its good eh!and its true Ringos last 4 or 5 solo efforts have been ptetry darn good.There is some gems on there.How would of thought? I have been pleasantly surprised although Liverpool 8 wasn't as great as Rama and the other Hudson release!He ahd 1 disc once caled Vertical man,it was really really good I cant even explain,and Choose love was anorther good one!!! Time takes time I think was the other one that was good, but VERTICAL MAN Rocked!

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