Prince Actually Wears High Heel Pumps

We did this story about the 5″6 Bono having a slight bit of short man’s complex. Bono Has Short Man’s Complex So He Wears Lifts.  Well Prince who stands at about 5″2 takes it to another level.  He doesn’t wear lifts, he actually wears high heels.

Check it out these photos of Prince in his man pumps…

Prince Wearing High Heels Short Man Complex

Prince Wearing High Heel Shoes

Prince Wearing High Heels Pumps Short

Prince Wearing High Heel Shoes

Not surprising at all from the same man that wore ass-less pants at the 1991 MTV Video Awards…

Prince 1991 MTV Awards Show Ass Less Pants

 Prince Ass Ass-Less Pants MTV 1991 Prince Ass-Less Pants 1991 MTV Awards

Prince is still the man!!!

Bono Has “Short Man Complex” So He Wears Lifts


  1. Earl Grey says:

    What's that get him to – 5'4? 5'5? 

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