Fact: Courtney Love Was On The Back Cover Of The Grateful Dead Album “Aoxomoxoa”

Courtney Love (then known as Michelle Love Harrison) was one of the people photographed on the back cover of the 1969 Grateful Dead album “Aoxomoxoa“.  That’s her below (circled in red) wearing a shawl sitting beneath the trees amongst the roadies and band members.

Courtney Michelle Love Harrison Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa Album Photo

Her estranged father Hank Harrison was an “amateur acid maker” and briefly served as road manager for The Dead.  David Gans, confirmed the rumor that Love was in the photo.  He said,

Courtney Love did in fact appear on the back cover of as a child.  Her father was Hank Harrison, one of the band’s road managers in the early days of the Grateful Dead

Here’s a grainy image of Courtney holding up the Aoxomoxoa  cover.

Courtney Love Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa Album Cover

Here’s a photo of a young Courtney that definitely looks like the little girl on the Aoxomoxoa back cover.

Courtney Love Grateful Dead Album Cover Hank Harrison

Here’s an older Love with her father Hank Harrison.

Hank Harrison Courtney Love Grateful Dead

Hank Harrison wrote a book that was long delayed but finally released in 2008 called “Love Kills: The Assasination of Kurt Cobain.”  The title speaks for itself.

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