Who Were Mr. Wilson & Mr. Heath Mentioned In The Beatles Song “Taxman”???

George Harrison wrote the song “Taxman” in 1966 when he realized that his large earnings placed in the top tax bracket in the United Kingdom this making him liable for a 95% super tax.  During the bridge of the song, John Lennon suggested using the names of Mr. WIlson and Mr. Heath in the background vocals.  But who were Mr. WIlson and Mr. Heath?

Mr. WIlson was Prime Minister Sir Harold Wilson who’s Labour Government introduced the super tax.  Here he is below pictured with The Beatles.

The Beatles George Harrison Mr. WIlson Sir Harold WIlson Taxman

Mr. Heath was future Prime Minister Sir Edward George Heath a British Conservative Politician and opposition leader at the time the song was recorded.  Here he is below…

George Harrison The Beatles Taxman Mr. Heath Sir Edward

About the song Harrison said,

Taxman” was when I first realised that even though we had started earning money, we were actually giving most of it away in taxes. It was and still is typical.”

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