Eddie Vedder’s Seattle, Washington “Boy Scouts of America” Troop 365 Shirt

One the most popular stories on feelnumb is about John Lennon’s Famous Army Jacket.  So we came across this photo of Eddie Vedder wearing a Boy Scouts of America shirt and wanted to get the details.

Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam Boy Scouts Of America Shirt

Vedder is wearing a Troop 365 shirt from Seattle, Washington which he wore for many dates of his 2008-2009 solo tours and also with Pearl Jam.  If you click on the close-up photo below on the right he also has a War Is Over pin from John Lennon & Yoko Ono, a The Who logo pin and two other mystery pins.

Eddie Vedder Boy Scouts Of America Shirt

Eddie Vedder Troop 365 Boy Scouts of America Shirt

The Boy Scouts of America are pretty strict about people representing the Scouts and probably don’t like the fact that Vedder drinks wine on stage and might use an occasional curse word while wearing the shirt.

Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam Wine

What Wine Does Eddie Vedder Drink On Stage???

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