Why Did Radiohead Thank Drew Barrymore In “The King Of Limbs” Album Credits???

In January 2010, while recording “The King Of Limbs” album Radiohead wanted to get away from the dismal English winter and relocated their studio to the Hollywood Hills for three weeks.  It was rumored that the home used to record was the home of actress Drew Barrymore.

When Radiohead released “The King Of Limbs” on February 18, 2011 the rumor was almost certainly confirmed when Radiohead thanked Barrymore in the album credits…

30Radiohead Thank You Drew Barrymore The King Of Limbs

Here’s a close up of the Thank You from Radiohead

Radiohead Drew Barrymore The King Of Limbs Thank You

Here is a photo of Barrymore’s Hollywood Hills home where the recording took place…

Drew Barrymore House Radiohead The King Of Limbs Studio

Here’s a photo of Thom Yorke laying down some guitar tracks in the house.

Thom Yorke Drew Barrymore House The King of Limbs Album

The house is already valued at over 8 million dollars but If she ever sells it, her realtor can use the fact that Radiohead recorded there as another selling point.

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