Eddie Vedder Tribute To Howard Zinn On His Fender Telecaster Guitar

Howard Zinn was an American historian, academic, author, playwright and social activist.  He met Eddie Vedder for the first time when, as Zinn said

“I was sitting at home one day and the phone rang and a polite young man said ‘Mr. Zinn, my name is Eddie Vedder and I like to do an article with you for Interview Magazine, and I said OK, who are you?”

This led to a friendship with Vedder and Pearl Jam.  Here’s a photo of them together…

Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam Howard Zinn Telecaster Guitar

Zinn passed away on January 27, 2010 and Vedder paid tribute to him by sticking ZINN on one of his Fender Telecaster guitars.

Eddie Vedder Zinn Fender Telecaster Guitar

The Pearl Jam song “Down” was inspired by the band’s friendship with Zinn.

Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam Howard Zinn Guitar

Vedder released this statement on pearljam.com on January 27, 2010.

One phrase that Howard Zinn made irrelevant is that “only the good die young.,,”  Howard Zinn passed away today at age 87, and he was great.

Though he had a full life, one that the rest of us can only aspire to, the news is still heartbreaking.  For we have lost a truly bright light, and a wisdom seemingly unparalleled.

Fortunately he has left us with a body of work so extraordinary that it will be drawn upon for centuries to come…

He was a true and constant source of inspiration for myself and countless others..   For me, he was the true embodiment of hope…   And a living reminder to keep that hope alive.

I’m so grateful for his friendship..
I will miss him for the rest of my days.


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