Led Zeppelin 1979 Knebworth Festival Backstage Pass T-Shirt Sells $10,000

In front of 200,00 plus fans, Led Zeppelin played two massive outdoor shows at the Knebworth Festival on August 4th and 11th 1979 at Knebworth House in Hertordshire, England.

Led Zeppelin Knebworth Backstage Shirt August 4 1979

Led Zeppelin Knebworth Ticket August 4, 1979 Backstage

Led Zeppelin Knebworth August 11, 1979 Backstage Shirt

For these concerts Led Zeppelin made this special limited edition t-shirt that also served as a backstage pass.  Not many were made so they have become one of the most sought after concert shirts ever.

Led Zeppelin Knebworth Backstage Shirt 1979

Led Zeppelin Knebworth Backstage 1979 Backstage Pass Shirt

On May 12, 2011, this super rare Led Zeppelin shirt was sold for $10,000 on ebay.  I made a special edition of this shirt for Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins & Wiley Hodgden of the Foo Fighters cover band Chevy Metal performance at Conejo Valley Days 2017.  Instead of LZ Knebworth it changed to CM Topanga for the guys.

Check it out, photos to follow…

Chevy Metal CM Topanga Shirt Raul Rossell Dave Grohl Taylor Hawkins Worn Free Led Zeppelin Backstage

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